1st August 2017

Away Jobs – A Day in the Life of an Auditor

One of the most fundamental elements of an auditors’ role is being client-facing. Whilst a large amount of an audit can be completed remotely, there are many benefits for an auditor to be at the client’s offices for key parts of an audit; first and foremost is the ability to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of how the client’s processes work, with the intention of gaining comfort over the results of these processes. As such, a significant proportion of your time as an auditor will be spent on client site. This is especially true during our busy season, which tends to fall between January and April-May. Whilst many Financial Services and Industry & Commerce clients are based in London, most auditors will have a chance to be part of an away job at some point during their career. Generally speaking, this is a job on which the client is based outside of the place you work. This is particularly prevalent for those working in London, as large clients may outsource their Finance departments to elsewhere in the country, which is the department you work closest with as an auditor.

In London, the general rule is that a client is considered an away job if it requires more than an hour’s travel to reach the client site. If this is the case, it is more than likely that you will be permitted to stay in a hotel with your team during the week near to the client’s offices. Whilst you are out there, Mazars give you a budget to spend on food for the week and encourage the team to eat together. This is a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues outside of the work place. You very quickly get to know all the good eateries around the city/town!

In an effort to maintain a good work-life balance, Mazars endeavour to make it possible to stay on client site between Monday and Thursday, and to work from the office on Friday, however this isn’t always possible, particularly during busy season.

One of my top tips for those who have a good number of away jobs is to get a credit card with benefits i.e. cash back, air miles, etc. You will be paying out large sums at a time and reclaiming your expenses at the end of the week. Similarly, a Taste card is great way to make the most of team dinners out.

Emma Riley
Corporate Assistant in Financial Services, London

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