Elizabeth Whittaker HR Project Coordinator, People & Culture
19th November 2019

Elizabeth’s Story

In this blog, Elizabeth Whittaker, HR Project coordinator at Mazars, shares insight on her winning idea, ‘The Mazars Shadow A Partner Scheme….

In a UK-wide innovation competition (2018) I pitched an idea to set up a Shadow A Partner scheme. More than 100 entries were received, and I’m delighted to say I won which meant my idea had a project team assigned to bring it to life. 

Over the last 12 months we’ve been doing just that! As a trainee myself, the advantages to new joiners to the firm were clear. Seeing our leadership team in action, understanding the breadth of work partners undertake as well as an opportunity to see the business processes from a different angle.  

Throughout the development of the Shadow a Partner scheme, I was supported by a fantastic project team, who gave invaluable insight and expertise every step of the way. One year on, I’m proud to say 50 Shadow Days have taken place and many more are in the pipeline.  

I have been thrilled to see that the lessons learned from participants in the scheme go far beyond a better understanding of what a partner’s role entails. Participants consistently report taking away key insights into the value of networking and especially how new client relationships are formed and maintained.  

I hope the scheme will continue to facilitate Partner and staff interaction in the years to come and lessons learned from the scheme will inspire further innovations in terms of staff engagement and development.  

I would encourage everyone no matter what level, not to be afraid to put yourself out there and share your ideas, you never know where it might lead… 

Staff who have shadowed:

‘I wasn’t sure if I wanted to Partner, but now I have experienced this first hand, it is my ultimate career goal’.
Fay, Assistant Manager

‘I got to see a whole different side Mazars than the department I work in currently and it was great to learn more about the internal projects that are ongoing within the firm.’
Natalia, Trainee


‘This scheme reminds me just how brilliant our people are and what we can achieve together.’
Paul, Partner

‘I have learned how to better engage junior staff.’
Samantha, Partner

‘It reminded me of being a lot younger than I am now; ambitious and eager to learn, and what it felt like when someone gave me an opportunity to develop.’
Steve, Partner

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