30th March 2017

How Mazars can help you get the most out of your career

Remember when the only thing we wanted when we were younger was to “be older”, but now all of a sudden you’ve left school/university and are faced with the daunting task of starting your career, and all you can think about is how stress-free life was when you were younger? Me too, but it’s not all doom and gloom!

I’m sure that everybody has, at least once, heard somebody complain about how much they hate their job. We very rarely hear about the pros of the working world, but all too often we hear about the cons, so let me tell you a bit about why working at Mazars is different to your average job.

Firstly, we’re all about people, whether that be the people in our offices, or the people that make up our client base. You immediately feel welcomed when you join, everybody is friendly and willing to point you in the right direction, which really helps settle any ‘first-day’ nerves you may have. There is always somebody available to assist you with a piece of work and you will never feel uncomfortable asking somebody to sit down with you and explain something you’re unsure of – everybody has been in your position at some point!

Our Culture is especially important to us. Without it, we’re no different from any other accountancy firm. Consistency is key to great client service so everybody, from the trainees right through to the executive board, works by the same values, meaning that the atmosphere is the same throughout all of our offices, and it’s a good one! The “heads down and be quiet” culture that larger firms may tend to adopt isn’t prominent here; it’s a genuinely fun place to work. Our Sports and Social Committee always has an office event planned that everyone can take part in so there’s always something to look forward to, whether it be a day at the races or going trampolining, there’s something for everyone!

As fun as it is here at Mazars, we still put work first in order to provide an excellent service to our clients. Our expertise is why our clients continue to work with us. It’s also the reason that our trainees are so successful in their exams – there’s a wealth of knowledge here, and if you’re struggling at college, the person sat next to you in the office can help you out. It’s also great to be able to take pride in who you work for, knowing that you’re associated with such high quality services really changes your outlook on work. Having worked in the Tax department since joining, it was especially pleasing when we won Tax Team of the Year in 2016, proving that you can have fun at work and still be the best in country at what you do!

As trainees the most important thing for you over the next few years will be to pass your exams. There’s no way around them, but having complete support from your employer certainly helps! Not only will you be putting into practice the things you learn at college, you’ll have continued support from other trainees, managers, mentors and the rest of the firm. Everybody is willing you on to succeed, but good thoughts aren’t enough to pass exams, so you’ll also get all of your training, study material and exam registration provided as well as study leave which can be used whenever you want throughout the year.

You’ll struggle to find a place to work that provides you with unlimited support, exposure to clients and career progression, all while keeping it enjoyable quite like Mazars do. If you’ve decided on your career path, or even if you haven’t – we have many different service lines to suit a range of people – then Mazars is certainly the best place to start!


Elliot Jewitt
Tax Trainee, Leeds Office

  • Leeds
  • Mar-17
  • School Leavers
  • Tax