31st May 2017

Interview with a Partner – Elisabeth Maxwell

This blog is part of our ‘Interview with a Partner’ series, introducing you to some of Mazars’ UK partners to gain insights into their role, the direction of the firm, and how to stand out as a new graduate recruit. Watch this space for more coming soon!

  • What’s your role within the firm?

I’m part of the Executive team and the Head of Innovation. I also have a client portfolio, so continue to do a lot of client work in Audit and Accounting & Outsourcing Services (AOS). In terms of client facing work, I am a relationship partner for AOS, whereas I tend to be far more involved in audit work.

  • Where did you work/study before Mazars, and why did you join the firm?

I studied International Marketing in France at a French business school. I also studied accountancy and finance; looking back I really enjoyed it.

I began my career in audit because I wasn’t sure what to do, and someone suggested that you’ll see lots of different companies in audit which will give you a good idea of what to do next. But I stayed because I love accountancy, and I really enjoy building relationships with clients.

  • What’s the best thing about working here?

I love the brand Mazars – for me, it means quality work. I also like the supportive and challenging culture of the firm. I feel at home with Mazars.

  • In your opinion, what are the biggest opportunities and challenges for Mazars today?

The biggest challenge is also our biggest opportunity; while right now I don’t think we are well known enough in some countries, the global offering Mazars can provide is what clients really want.

  • What are the most important skills / competencies you look for in graduate applicants?

I look for people with a positive outlook on life; a team player who will get on with their colleagues. Also people who want to build things, and are trying to achieve something with their career.

  • What top tip would you offer a new graduate starting at Mazars?

Try to meet lots of people – so you have a full understanding of what we do as an organisation; this will help you to talk better with clients.

It is also important to listen, be open minded and focus on building a deep relationship with clients.


Elisabeth Maxwell
Partner, Sutton

  • Audit
  • Interview with a Partner
  • May-17
  • Sutton