26th July 2017

Interview with a Partner – Gregory Marchat

  • What’s your role within the firm?

In the UK I am in charge of Financial Services Consulting and Actuarial services. I lead the development of all the consulting services in the Financial Services sector, to make sure we cover all of the areas that our clients need.

I am also the global Co-Head of Banking, so I am a member of the global leadership team and my role is to develop our banking services worldwide.

  • Where did you work/study before Mazars, and why did you join the firm?

I started my career at Mazars in Paris in 2001. Before that I did a Master’s degree in Finance Engineering.

I joined Mazars because I had a few friends who started there as well, and it seemed to be a good place to work in terms of atmosphere and entrepreneurial dimension.

  • What’s the best thing about working here?

What I like the most is the entrepreneurial dimension – although it’s a large firm with 18,000 people, it still feels like a start-up because we are continually building different business areas and have the liberty to organise our work as we want to. I have been with Mazars for 16 years and each year has been different, with new opportunities to shape the business as I wanted it to be. I don’t think you can find that in any other firm.

  • In your opinion, what are the biggest opportunities and challenges for Mazars today?

Our biggest opportunity is that we are actually very good at what we do, with a strong reputation around ethics, quality and people. And as we are still a relatively small outsider, the growth potential worldwide is immense.

The biggest challenge is linked to this – brand recognition outside France. It’s a challenge because we need to explain who we are, although I can already see the improvements compared to when I moved to the UK in 2008. To raise recognition further we need to make sure we continue to deliver top quality work to our clients, which encourages word-of-mouth as people talk to each other; this is particularly true for banking where we work on very large jobs and attract a lot of attention. Secondly, in Financial Services we work a lot with regulators, which helps to demonstrate to the private sector that you are a top quality provider

  • What are the most important skills / competencies you look for in graduate applicants?

Curiosity to ask questions, and appetite for learning new things. We are not looking for people who know everything, rather we want people who are able to challenge what the client says and come up with their own solution. It is even more true in consulting as there isn’t a universally agreed way to do something – so we want everyone to contribute to find the most efficient way.

  • What top tip would you offer a new graduate starting at Mazars?

Don’t be afraid to ask for work. Understand the business you are in, who are the people in charge and make sure you express yourself about the areas in which you want to work. Be proactive in managing your career; drive your career and don’t just wait for the job to come.

Also, apply the motto ‘work hard play hard’ – enjoy life overall, and have a good attitude.

Gregory Marchat
Partner, London

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