Leila Kamdem-Fotso Partner, Financial Services Consulting
19th November 2019

Leila’s Story

In this blog, Leila Kamdem-Fotso reflects on her Mazars career so far, taking us on a journey from Paris to London and from graduate to Partner….


I joined Mazars Paris in 2005, straight out of Uni as a fresh faced graduate!  

Straight away I was impressed by the culture – I felt that my managers truly cared about me and actively worked to help me develop and grow in my career. 

I also appreciated the level of trust that was shown in me in the early stages of my consulting career, and I found myself working with some of my team’s biggest clients at the time, including two high-profile French banks. One of them is still my client today. 

Fast forward seven years, I was doing well in my career, with an exciting portfolio of client projects, and working alongside fantastic colleagues, when my husband (at the time we were newlyweds) convinced me to move to London to join him and try life in a new country.  


When I look back on my decision to make the move from Paris to London, it’s with a mixture of pride, amazement and disbelief! My career was going really well in Paris and at the time, I wasn’t fluent in English, so it was a huge leap of faith in my own abilities – and by Mazars who backed me all the way – to move countries at such a critical time.  

I needn’t have worried. London is so international – a real melting pot of people from places all over the world – I soon met lots of colleagues in similar situations and they were supportive and understanding – especially that English wasn’t my first language! 

I remember being amazed by the sense I got of a truly integrated, international partnership – it was and still is exciting to work alongside people from different countries and backgrounds every day and to be part of Global community. 

Top tip for anyone considering relocation? 

Relocating for work can be a challenge, but as long as you’re prepared to work hard, you’ll soon get to grips with a new language and country – I did take classes but to be honest, life is the best language class of all, the best way to learn is to throw yourself into life and work in a new city!  

Unfortunately when you’re in the middle of something new and are experiencing lots of change, it can be hard to recognise at the time how amazing what you’re doing actually is. 

Now, I look back on it as the best of times when I achieved a huge amount personally and professionally. And if I could give one piece of advice to my younger-self back then – and to anyone currently considering a relocation – it would be ‘trust yourself – you’ll be fine, and remember to enjoy the journey!’ 

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