6th April 2017

Moving to London

If you are not a Londoner, then moving to London is definitely a challenge! London is the best city in the world once you get a taste of it and adapt to the fast pacing rhythm of its people; you should not expect to love it until you have really settled in! I am originally from a Mediterranean island and I have later studied in a small town in the UK, thus moving to London was a huge transition for me, as it is for most.

Struggle number 1: Housing!

Finding a place is not as simple as it sounds: hundreds of websites, thousands of areas and millions of places are available, but which one place is the best for me? Where should I start from? My strategy: Commit to a convenient area.

Working for Mazars, near Tower Bridge, is not the cheapest area to find a place so close that you can actually walk from every day. However, you can always cycle, walk, or just run. There is always the option of tube, but mind the large crowd! Personally, I really wanted to walk to work so I marked the radius I was happy commuting from and then eliminated the too expensive, too sketchy and too remote areas I couldn’t live at. By that point, I had a pretty good idea of where to start looking!

Struggle number 2: Getting used to being a Londoner!

Everything and everyone is faster and louder than I was used to! Adapting my lifestyle to this busy city was mostly challenging, but I accepted the challenge and never assumed that, for example meeting friends will be as easy as it was, ever again. Realistically, “meeting with friends in London” means: best case scenario is half an hour of commuting, planning and scheduling in advance is essential, casual or spontaneous plans are never a good idea because everyone is either too busy or too far! And it’s expensive: London is more expensive than the places I lived before, so I had to start by having a really solid financial plan in mind. It is essential to have fun but I realised that a month’s salary is meant to be sufficient for the whole month!


Working and living in London is one of the greatest experiences! Yes, I am still struggling with the new lifestyle but I believe that nothing can be compared to working in an international firm like Mazars, in the most amazing city in the world: London.


Antri Theodosiou
Actuarial Technician, London office

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