4th September 2017

National Payroll Week – Interview with Stuart Law

In honour of National Payroll Week, we spoke to Stuart Law, Director and Head of UK Payroll, about his career path & what he looks for in a new recruit.

When did Mazars payroll begin?

Since the inception of PAYE in 1944, Mazars processed payroll and by 1946 was providing payroll services  for 90% of Lloyds of London Underwriters and Syndicates.

When did you join?

2 January 1989! Probably before most of the team were born!

Which roles have you had with the firm?

I have had all the roles/titles…..Assistant, Administrator, Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Manager, Senior Manager and now Director and UK head!

When and why did you go national? 

The desire to have a National payroll service offering was driven primarily by the success and  high profitability payroll was achieving in the London office which I was managing. To cut a long story short the firm decided in 2008/9  that if we can make such good returns operating from  London this should be mirrored across the country –  I was tasked with this and hence – The National Team Was Born!

What do you look for when recruiting?  

This very much depends on the role we are looking to fill, but I think all potential new recruits need  to show enthusiasm and interest in the role and be able to articulate the value and expertise they can bring  to our team.

What do you enjoy about your work?

The variety of issues & freedom,  dealing with the people, helping people develop and reach their full potential,  then there is the winning and competing for new clients, I get a buzz from the winning!

How are we different to other payroll providers? 

The people make the difference! I believe if you have a passionate, motivated, fun & disciplined team you have an edge on everybody else, this is what I believe we have and take to market!

What have been the highlights of your career to date? 

There have been so many! But when I look back at the very early days – the growth of the team, making manager and then achieving our first £1M in fees. The next has to be development of the National Team and how successful, recognised and valued the payroll  business and its income stream  has become.

Would you like to swap your UK Director role for a day and process some payrolls for the national team?  

I have processed many payrolls in my early years but never had the luxury of being able to use the systems we have now. Happy to have a go – seems a lot easier these days!


Stuart Law
Director and Head of UK Payroll

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  • Sept-17