20th April 2017

On-Campus Brand Ambassador Experience!

Hi everyone,

I am the Mazars Brand Ambassador at Aston University. Part of my role is to encourage students to find out more about Mazars and what opportunities there are available. Mazars is one of Europe’s largest accounting firms and does operate internationally; they are in the top 10 biggest accounting companies in the UK. There are some great opportunities to work at Mazars, such as summer internships, undergraduate placements, and graduate placements, which are offered in a range of sectors, including Auditing, Tax, Consultancy, and Advisory.

For the past few months I have been promoting the company on campus in various ways: wearing my ‘Mazars Brand Ambassador’ hoodie, making posters and putting them up, distributing leaflets, shout outs at Society events, emailing students and writing posts on Social Media.

My most recent activity was organising a Mazars Guest Talk, this was organised at very short notice with the Mazars Birmingham Team. Having only 2 days to plan and market the event sounded almost impossible, but I made sure I planned the event with the Mazars team and the University Students’ Union to make sure everything went smoothly and to plan. On the day of the event, it was great to see so many students attend considering how short notice the event was. It was also great that the Mazars Team were happy with the turnout too!

I’ve been enjoying my role as the Mazars Brand Ambassador so far and it’s been great to meet so many new people! My confidence has boosted so much from this role and I’ve gained valuable experience.

There’s so many offices in the UK too so you can apply to the office you prefer to work at. Mazars offer different types of placements e.g. Internal Audit, Financial Planning, Forensic and Investigation Services, etc. The atmosphere at Mazars is very friendly and they are very helpful people.

Meesha Patel
Mazars’ 2016-17 On-Campus Brand Ambassador, Aston University

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