20th June 2018

Talent Team Tips – Preparing for an Interview

Welcome to our new blog series, where the Mazars Talent Acquisition Team share our top tips and hints for getting the job of your dreams!

This week we’re looking at how to prepare for an interview. Whether you have an interview by telephone, video or face-to-face, you should find some applicable tips below.

Do Your Research

“Ensure to do your research on the job role and the company. Read through the website, but also be able to bring in recent news articles where possible!”

“Research the company, understanding exactly what they are looking for in a hew hire and ensuring you’re able to talk about your experience and what makes you a great fit.”

“Make sure you know what type of interview it will be so you can prepare e.g. competency or strengths based, technical or soft skills?”

Ask Questions

“Remember this is an opportunity for you to get to know the company as well as the interviewer to get to know you. Make sure you ask relevant questions to ensure this is the role for you”

Interview Etiquette

“Pay attention to your body language ensuring you’re maintaining eye contact, sitting up straight and resisting the urge to fidget, slow your speech down and take time to think through your answers before you say them.”

“If your interview is via telephone/Skype, make sure you let your mum / partner / roommate know so they don’t walk in with a cup of tea!”

“Be yourself and show your personality – we say this over and over but it’s so true. You spend a lot of your waking hours with your work family, so it’s important you feel that you can be yourself in the workplace.”

The Night Before

“Make sure to rest up the night before and have plenty of sleep, you don’t want to be yawning during the interview!”

“Plan out your route to the interview location beforehand – if you’re really unfamiliar with the location, maybe do a dry-run in the week before so you know where to go. If you’re having an interview in London, always have a contingency plan if the tubes aren’t running!!”

“Get your outfit clean, ironed and ready the night before.”

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