Yasmin Mohamud Insolvency Administrator
5th February 2020

Yasmin’s Story

Follow your instincts to find the right path for you says Yasmin Mohamud…

In this blog, Yasmin Mohamud, an Insolvency Administrator at Mazars, shares her experience of joining Mazars straight from school….

A career at Mazars is one that I might never have had if I’d not gone with my gut instinct! Let me tell you why…

I joined Mazars a few months after I finished my A-Levels in the summer of 2018. I had originally applied to university to study Biology after gaining my A-Level qualifications in Biology, Maths and Economics.

But shortly after receiving an acceptance offer to study Biology at university. I realised this might not be the path I wanted to take and despite all my peers heading straight to university, I felt going into the workplace was the right route for me.

Together with my mum, we weighed up the different career path options outside of going to uni balanced with the pros and cons of getting a degree, unsurprisingly high tuition costs was the top of the cons list!

Although she was a bit hesitant at first – I managed to win her over although she also made me promised that I would go to university if I didn’t find anything in a year!

When I began applying for work, finding a company that supported my aspirations for gaining more academic qualifications was very important to me.

Through my research, I found that Mazars ticked all the boxes, it had an apprenticeship program that supported school leavers in gaining qualifications and supporting their development goals. This, along with Mazars’ aim to increase diversity, was one of the main reasons that attracted me to apply. I’ve now been working at Mazars for over a year now, and I have started my AAT’s and I couldn’t be more excited!

To anyone out there thinking uni might not be the right route for them and wondering where to start, I’d encourage them to:

  • Do your homework! When trying to find the right company for me, I did extensive research.  I went to jobs fairs, did extensive online research including jobs board and company careers websites and frequently checked employment websites like Indeed. Always remember, just because your ideal job wasn’t advertised yesterday, doesn’t mean it isn’t advertised today!
  • Once you find the right company for you, always be open learning to new things, and if you are not sure about something – just ask! It’s the best way to learn.
  • Try not to be too hard on yourself and make sure to enjoy the experience, and remember, everyone starts somewhere
  • And finally, follow your instincts, I haven’t looked back!

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