I don’t meet your minimum entry requirements. Can I still apply?

It is essential that you have strong academic ability in order to succeed in your professional exams. However, we do understand that sometimes your results may not allow you to demonstrate this, due to exceptional or extenuating circumstances.

Our application process ensures that we review every candidate’s merits based on their academic and personal strengths. If you have closely missed out on meeting our minimum entry requirements, we still want to hear from you. You will need to detail your exceptional or extenuating circumstances on your application form, under the section ‘Other information’. We will then take this information into account when reviewing your application.

Exceptional circumstances: have you excelled in an extracurricular activity, or is there an outstanding achievement you’d like to highlight?

Extenuating circumstances: have you suffered from any setbacks or challenges which were beyond your control?

You may be asked to provide evidence of these circumstances.