Joining Mazars means taking part in an exciting and entrepreneurial adventure and seizing the opportunity to quickly grow your potential. We treat our people as equals and appraise on merit alone.


We are proud to offer a working environment where everyone is treated with respect and given opportunities to shine. The firm promotes an environment in which you can be yourself, grow and achieve your goals.


With plenty of opportunities and an entrepreneurial spirit, Mazars is a place where you can make your mark. A challenger firm, we hire talented people and give them the support they need to drive projects and ambitions forward.

Agile Working


At Mazars we operate an agile approach to working. For us agile working means empowering and trusting our people. Empowering our people to work where, when and how they choose. And trusting our people to make the right choices for Mazars, their team and themselves to deliver the best outcome for the client.

By its very nature, agile working won’t look the same for everyone. Ultimately it’s up to our people to decide what’s right.



  • Empowerment and greater flexibility to work in a way which suits their needs
  • Increased capacity to utilise their strengths
  • Focus on outputs empowering different approaches to work
  • More engaged in a culture of trust, autonomy, flexibility and innovation
  • Access to the right resources to enable exceptional performance

“Following my return from maternity leave, I embraced the firm’s flexible working culture; my condensed hours work for me in terms of having one day per week with my daughter but I am also more productive and ultimately I believe I am performing at a higher level than I was before, but this is also down to the support and positive environment I have had”.

Natalie Wright, a Senior Manager in Leeds



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Strong values have been at the heart of our organisation since its creation. They guide us in our daily actions, providing a common base of values that all Mazars’ partners and teams share and respect.


The development opportunities we provide at Mazars will help you build your skills to perform well as well as realising your goals, whatever your ambitions may be.


We recognise that benefits are important and offer core benefits to all employees and want them to be able to choose benefits that they want, rather than have all benefits chosen for them.


We aim to create a culture where people feel they belong, in a supportive work environment with diverse leadership teams which reflect our clients and society.


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