Decide which vacancy you wish to apply for and complete our online application form.

Tips: Have a trusted friend or tutor proofread your application for any errors. Make sure you meet the entry requirements for the role as well.



After completing the application form, you will be sent a link to complete the online assessment suite which includes a Situational Strengths Test, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests. These tests take 20 – 40 minutes depending on the test, and although you cannot take breaks within individual tests, you do not need to take all three tests in the same sitting!

Test results will be reviewed alongside the application form before we make a decision – usually within 1-2 days. After completing the assessments, we will send you a candidate feedback report sharing your top 3 strengths and top 3 development areas.

More information about the assessments can be found below.

The Situational Strengths Test will tell us whether you would enjoy working at Mazars and whether you have the strengths to be successful here. You are presented with a range of scenarios you might encounter at Mazars, and you are asked how you would choose to respond from a range of options. There is no time limit, however, please complete the assessment in one sitting.

The Numerical Reasoning Test assess your ability to evaluate, analyse and interpret numerical information. You will be presented with a total of 12 questions. You can spend as long as you like on each question. However both your accuracy and your time taken contribute towards your overall score.

The Verbal Reasoning Test assesses your ability to reason with verbal information accurately and efficiently. The test is split into sections which assess different aspects of Verbal Reasoning, each section has 4 questions. You can spend as long as you like on each question. However both your accuracy and your time taken contribute towards your overall score.

Tips: Make sure you follow the practise test link we send before the assessment. This will give you a chance to become familiar with the types of questions you’ll encounter on the test!



If your online application is successful, the next stage is for us to talk. Most first stage interviews will be conducted via telephone. This interview will involve assessing capabilities and strengths required for the role.

We’ll endeavour to let you know the outcome within one week.

Tips: The first part of the interview will consist of an analytical exercise. We would encourage you to do some research into topical issues in our industry to prepare. The remainder of the interview will consist of competency questions based around key skills including: drive, relationship management, adaptability and learning agility.



The Applicant Mentoring scheme aims to give applicants for the graduate, school leaver and industrial placement schemes the ability to speak to employees currently in a similar role, to enable applicants to understand more about the firm, and what to expect from the job and the recruitment process. As the mentors have all recently gone through the recruitment process, you are able to ask about their personal experiences. As an applicant, this will hopefully calm any nerves with regards to what is expected of you during the final assessment, as well as to give valuable insight into the attributes that Mazars’ employees pride most about the firm.

Watch our application mentoring video here.



The assessment centre involves a strengths-based interview, team assessments and written exercises.

A strengths-based assessment is all about understanding what energises and motivates you, as well as what you do well. Stay calm and be yourself; let your individuality shine through.

You will also have the chance to find out more about Mazars and meet members of the team so you can assess whether we are right for you. We’ll endeavour to let you know the outcome within one week.

Please note, if you are applying for a role within our Accounting & Outsourcing team or an internship you may attend a final stage interview instead of an assessment centre.

We’ll let you know the outcome within one week of your final assessment.

Tips: Make sure you get in touch with our applicant mentors before the day to ask questions about the day and find out more about being a trainee with Mazars.



We’ll endeavour to let you know the outcome within one week.


The Mazars application process

Find out more about our application process.

Mentoring testimonials from our current employees

Knowing that someone from the company was willing to put time aside to talk to you about the application and life at Mazars was a really personal touch. Having a mentor settled a lot of my questions.

Lucy, Internal Auditor (London)

I was able to keep in touch with someone from the firm throughout the process, which made me feel supported and part of the company from the beginning. From my experience, it is a very unique scheme in comparison to other accountancy graduate application processes.

Recent graduate applicant, Financial Services Audit (London)

This scheme made me feel as though there were people at the other end of the line instead of just automated email. Similarly, it felt as though Mazars were actually invested in me doing well, by assigning me a mentor and spending time on my application.

Arrush, Internal Auditor (Birmingham)


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